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paul stuart

I created a comprehensive “voice” document in order to refresh copywriting conventions and establish consistency of style across the brand’s communication platforms. The project included a presentation of key language and themes for the fall menswear campaign and for marketing of the label Phineas Cole. Agency: [in-house]


american express

For the brand’s Medium site, Member Since, I consulted on editorial approach and edited/oversaw a freelance writer charged with writing two lifestyle articles a month. I’ve also done copywriting for Amex, including internal feature articles and press releases. Agency: Day One (NYC)

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quaker marine supply

I’ve been creating and consulting on content for this new lifestyle brand part-time since 2018, writing brand copy and blog posts and advising on photo shoots, partnerships, and press strategy. Agency: [in-house]



I spent five months working on editorial strategy for a planned print magazine. I brought on a photo editor, consulted on the choice of art director, pre-produced and/or wrote several stories, and created most of the book plan for the launch issue. The magazine did not end up being produced. Agency: [in-house]



I led the creation of a monthly online lifestyle magazine called “The Men’s Wing.” As editor, I worked with web developers, came up with story ideas, assigned writers, supervised a freelance photo editor, and managed the editorial budget. Agency: The Science Project (NYC)


clinique for men

Working with the Director of Global Product Marketing and Strategy, I created a foundational document for the brand describing its “muse” and helping establish its marketing voice, pegged to an upcoming Father’s Day campaign. Agency: [in-house]